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If it's a Lightbulb - We Have It!

We Specialize In Obsolete And Delisted Bulbs


Light Bulbs & Ballasts
We stock over 30,000 Bulb Types: Optical – Medical – Dental – Graphic Projection – Halogen Floods / Spots Mini’s – Fluorescent – Fiber Optic – Type Halogen – Too Many to List!
Contact Us Today For Any Type Of Lightbulb!


  • Photographic – Projection
  • Optical -Ophthalmic
  • Dental – Fiber Optic Curing
  • Medical – Microscope
  • Graphic – Reprographic
  • Stage and Studio
  • Micrographic – Video
  • Xenon Lamps
  • Plant – Aquarium/Reptile

We stock precision magnifiers, jeweler’s loupes, glass lens OptiVisors.
All makes 35mm film cameras, digital cameras & video recorders
In house repair / cameras, camcorder & projector
Film & Video Transfers to DVD! Call for prices.

We provide most types of projector repair 8mm/16mm/ Slide & Digital/ LCD

We offer expert, on-site lamp repair for both current and vintage fixtures and stand-alones. 
Services include cleaning, re-wiring, and/or socket and bulb replacement.  Call us for more information!

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(978) 475-4831